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Japanese Government
(Monbukagakusho: MEXT)
Scholarship 2017


Minimum Qualifications
(See "Program Announcement" for details)

Schedule 2017

Brussels, 15th November 2016

Dear Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in the Japanese Government Scholarship for Japanese Studies. You will find below the necessary documents for application. Please click either "PDF" or "Word" to download and print.

  1. Program Announcement
    -- (PDF) in Japanese
    -- (PDF) in English
  2. Application Form
    -- (WORD)
  3. Certificate of Health
    -- (PDF)

In order to fill in "3. The university that you wish to attend" of the PLACEMENT PREFERENCE APPLICATION FORM, please refer to the "Course Guide for Japanese Studies Students".

You are required to attach an English or Japanese translation made by yourself to each document if it is written in another language.

*** How to Submit Application ***

Thank you.

Further information for Belgian nationals

Japan Information and Cultural Centre
(Attn. MEXT Scholarship)

If you are non-Belgian, please contact the Japanese Embassy of your country.
(click here to view the list of Japanese Embassies and Consulates in the world).