Message from Ambassador

Message from Ambassador of Japan to NATO

ambassador_hayashiMy name is Hajime Hayashi, and I have been assigned to the first Ambassador of Japan to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which was newly established on July 1, 2018.

NATO was created in 1949, composed of 29 member nations as of July 2018, with the primary missions of “collective defence,” “crisis management,” and “co-operative security.”

Japan is obviously not a NATO member. Nevertheless, Japan shares with NATO common values, such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, as well as strategic interests. I am certain that Japan and NATO will contribute to the peace and stability of the international community as reliable natural partners.

As a matter of fact, Japan has enjoyed the longest relations as a non-NATO partner, engaged in tangible cooperation at political levels as well as working levels for such areas as Afghanistan’s stability and anti-piracy operations.

On this occasion of the establishment of the Mission of Japan to NATO, I will readily proceed with further cooperation between Japan and NATO in wider and specialised areas, including cyber-defence, maritime security, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

I would appreciate the support and encouragement of all of you.


July 2018, In Brussels