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Itami (Hyogo) & Hasselt (Limburg)

* Since 5th April 1985

Itami City concluded a sister city agreement with Hasselt City in April 1985. The two cities mutually send their delegations including drink-tasting parties and youth groups..
As Hasselt gave a carillon tower as a symbol of friendship to Itami, such events as peace bell concerts have been held there and it has been loved by the citizens of Itami.
A Japanese garden was made by Itami in Hasselt, and its 20th year anniversary was celebrated in 2012 with the participation of Itami City officials and citizens.
Hasselt City delegation visited Itami in 2013.
Both cities make efforts for active international exchanges for their mutual understanding and the further development.

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Itami Students to Visit Hasselt in August 2013

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Japanese Garden in Hasselt