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Japan Information and Cultural Centre Opening Reception


On June 11th, on the occasion of the reopening of the Japan Information and Cultural Centre of the Embassy of Japan in Belgium, the opening reception was held. Following the opening remarks of Ambassador Ishii, three artists (Belgian photographer Jean Lambert, Japanese porcelain painter Kaori Nakamatsu and interior designer Jun Gobron) with whom the embassy collaborated for the special opening exhibition, were introduced. The main theme of the exhibition is the friendship and cooperation between Japan and Belgium as well as the collaboration and fusion between Japan and Europe. After that, Japanese violinist Chikako Hosoda and Belgian pianist Casimir Liberski performed their jazz arrangement of Japanese film music and others. More than one hundred guests enjoyed the exhibition, the musical performance and the Japanese food. The special opening exhibition will be open until the end of August. Please come and have a look at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre during the opening hours (9:15 to 17:00).

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