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Meiji Jingu Gagaku and Budo Performances


On January 29, performances of gagaku (Japanese court music) and budo (Japanese martial arts) were held by Meiji Jingu at Bozar on the occasion of the 150 Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium, in attendance of Ambassador Ishii, Mrs. Ishii and Ms. Kurihara. Initially, the event was scheduled to be held in April of last year, but due to the terrorist attacks of March 22 it was postponed to January this year. After the screening of Meiji Jingu’s introduction video, the music instruments used for gagaku music were introduced to the audience, followed by performances of music, dance and martial arts demonstrations. Ghent University Professor and host of the event, Prof. Andreas Niehaus, explained to make the gagaku performance easier to understand for the members of the audience who are not accustomed to gagaku music.

On January 28, another performance was held in Ghent.

170129_Gagaku1 170129_Gagaku2 170129_Budo2