Let's Learn Japanese

  • Japanese Language Lessons Online

  • Contents Offered by Japan Foundation (JF)

  • Japanese e-learning Platform "MINATO"
    Let’s learn Japanese and interact with other learners around the world online, for FREE!
    This platform offers you not only Japanese courses (LevelA1~A2) but also various contents such as:
    “Hiragana/Katakana”, “Japanese in Anime and Manga”, “Kadoo/Shodoo”, etc., with up to 160 courses a year!
  • "MARUGOTO" Online Course
    This is the main course for learning Japanese in the platform “MINATO”.
    This course is for learning Japanese comprehensively and it allows you to study at your own pace online.
    Available in English and French!
    The “MARUGOTO Plus” Online Course provides users with a variety of practices and exercise to learn Japanese and
    Japanese culture.
    Available in English.
  • Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese.
    This website provides videos in Japanese to study Japanese language and Japanese culture.
    You can have a look at the reality of Japanese high school life too.
    Available in English.
  • Contents Offered by NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN
    "Easy Japanese", free audio & text lessons:
    You can learn Japanese through this website in 20 languages, including English and French!