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JICC is a second home for anyone interested in Japan, located centrally in Brussels' European Quarter. It includes a library, a collection of free magazines, folders, and flyers about Japan, and a flexible space used for events and expositions. Throughout the year, JICC plans to organize screenings of Japanese films, modern and traditional music concerts, and interactive workshops and performances for all ages.

Address: 1 Rue Van Maerlant/Van Maerlantstraat 1, 1040 Brussels
Opening hours JICC: 10:00 - 12:00 & 13:30 - 16:00, from Monday to Friday

Please submit the following documents to in case you would like to use our JICC for an event/exhibition/workshop etc. related to Japan or Japanese culture. Your application will be considered, and if accepted, we will contact you again.
Application form/文化事業実施申込書 (English & Japanese)

Application process for Nominal Support of the Embassy of Japan in Belgium

1. Application Acceptance
Please apply as early as possible so that you can start using the nominal subsidy in time for the desired start date (including the date on which you will initiate public relations activities with regard to the project on your website, etc. or by printing leaflets, etc.). Applications lacking sufficient documentation may not be accepted.
[Note 1] The Embassy of Japan in Belgium permits the use of its name on leaflets and websites, etc. only after notice of the granting of nominal support has been issued. No statement such as “Nominal Support of the Embassy of Japan in Belgium (planned) / (pending)” may be used until notice is issued.

2. Required Documents
Applicants for nominal support should prepare documents (1) to (5) below. Following documents, (1) and (2), must be prepared in the prescribed format.
Please note that the submission of other documents may be required as deemed necessary.

(1) Application to the Embassy of Japan in Belgium for Nominal Support and Pledge (Word)
Notes for completing the form  
(2) Outline of the Project (Word)
Notes for completing the form  
(3) Budget for the Project (Excel)
Notes for completing the form  
(4) Documents Outlining the Project
(i) Documents outlining the project, e.g. the project proposal, list of work to be presented (in case of an exhibition, etc.), details of the work (in case of a film or theatrical play, etc.), programs, backgrounds of participants or lecturers, application guidelines (in the case of an exhibition of work by participants or a contest) (at least one of the above is required for applications for all projects)
(ii) In case of a project in which food will be served, a document showing that proper public health measures have been taken, and in case of a sports-related project, a document showing that proper accident prevention, medical, and compensation measures (such as insurance) have been put in place.
(5) Documents Outlining the Organization Hosting the Project and the Applying Organization, etc.
(i) List of officers (Please submit a list that includes the organization and the place of work that you normally belong to and the title of activity, or attached document that indicates your background.)
(ii) Articles of incorporation, constitution, articles of association, act of endowment or other documents equivalent thereto
(iii) History, business performance, activity details, etc. of the organization, etc.
(iv) When the organization hosting the project and the applying organization are different, a document showing their relationship (written contract, etc.)

[Note] The documents listed in (ii) and (iii) above will not be required for any project for which the Embassy of Japan in Belgium granted nominal support within the last two years. However, if any changes in the details of the project have occurred since the previous application, the relevant documents need to be submitted.
Regarding government offices, diplomatic corps in Belgium, consular offices, international organizations, Japanese or Belgium local governments, and incorporated administrative agencies under the jurisdiction of MOFA, (i), (ii), and (iii) are not necessary to submit.
3. Cases in which Nominal Support will not be Granted  
4. Report on the Completion of the Project
Attach the following documents and submit a report within two months after the expiration of the project period. If a project report is not submitted, nominal support may not be granted to the relevant organization, etc. even if it files another application in the future.
[Note] Where it is impossible to submit a final project report within three months due to the nature of the relevant project, etc., it is necessary to submit an interim report containing the reason for such impossibility. You are required to submit a final project report when it becomes possible.  
5. Addresses for Filling Applications and Inquiries
If you know the responsible office, as in the case of a continuing project, you may submit the required documents directly to the relevant office. For projects for which an application is being filed for the first time or where you do not know the responsible office, please send the documents by e-mail to the following address.
E-mail address for applications or reports
Embassy of Japan in Belgium
Information and Culture Section