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  • Tourism

    For information on tourism in Japan, please visit the web site of the Japan National Tourist Organization. Information in French can be obtained from the website, and the JNTO office in Paris. The Embassy of Japan in Belgium also provides information on tourism in Japan.

    Japan National Tourist Organization

    Office National du Tourisme Japonais à Paris (in English, French, and Japanese)
    4, rue de Ventadour, 75001 Paris, France
    Tel : 00.33.

  • In Japanese

    “Kids Web Japan” is a web site oriented toward children, where you can find simple greetings in Japanese and an audio introduction to Japanese hiragana and katakana.

    Kids Web Japan

  • Japanese cultural events in Belgium

    Please go here(Event Page) for regularly updated information on Japanese cultural events in Belgium.

  • Business inquiries to Japan

    JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) fully mobilizes its information and know-how to respond to trade and investment inquiries. The JETRO office in Brussels will help, for example, when searching for foreign business connections, selecting candidates for international business tie-ups and comparing investment climates overseas.


    JETRO Brussels Office
    Rue de la Loi - Wetstraat 82, 1040 Brussels

  • Organizations promoting relations between Japan and Belgium

    The Belgium-Japan Association (BJA) was established for the purpose of promoting relations between Belgium and Japan.