Calligraphy Lecture and Demonstration

On June 6, a Japanese calligraphy lecture and demonstration was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC), as part of the “Japan Month”, a series of Japanese cultural events organized for the 2nd anniversary of the JICC. Calligraphy Master Hoshu Nakano, living in Belgium, together with other members of the Hoshukai, explained while demonstrating writings on the themes such as “ichi-go ichi-e”(a once-in-a-lifetime chance) and “kizuna”(a bond). These writings were made by the use of different writing styles. The attendees contemplated the brushwork, and had the opportunity to appreciate the works with a closer look after the demonstration had ended.

170606_calligraphy1 170606_calligraphy2 170606_calligraphy3