40th Anniversary Celebration of Kaneka Belgium

On 26 September, Ambassador Ishii and mister Yamada attended the 40th anniversary event of Kaneka Belgium at Castle de Merode in Westerlo, Antwerp. More than 500 people, mainly their employees, joined the celebration. At the ceremony, along with Kaneka Corporation Chairman Sugawara and President Kadokura, and mister Kimura, President of Kaneka Belgium, Ambassador Ishii, made a speech and prayed for a prosperous development in the future for Kaneka Belgium.

Kaneka Belgium employs over 300 people in Belgium and produces high performance polymers (used for PVC sashes and strengthening of fiber material etc.), expanded polypropylene and polyethylene foam particles (used for car bumpers etc.), as well as liquid polymers (used as sealants and adhesives in construction etc.).


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