Great East Japan Earthquake 5th Year Commemoration: Reconstruction Support Symposium

On 10 March, a symposium and exhibition for the 5th year of commemoration of the Great East Japan Earthquake, “Invisible Needs of Life – Towards a New Reconstruction of Cultural Interventions after 311 Tsunami in North-East Japan”, was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre, in cooperation with “Act For Japan Belgium”. At the beginning of the symposium, Ambassador Ishii mentioned the sheer magnitude of the disaster of 5 years ago and the current situation of the reconstruction which is halfway through and he emphasized in particular food safety and tourism in Fukushima are still suffering damages caused by misinformation. Subsequently, Ms. Shizuka Hariu and other speakers introduced and explained various activities relating to the reconstruction, spaces and architecture as well as the exhibition focusing on the current situation of the disaster stricken areas. Following this, a panel discussion was held with panelists such as KUL Professor Mr. Willy Vande Walle and Architectural curator Ms. Katrien Vandermarliere. The symposium, which focused on the culture and the environment of the areas under construction, was an opportunity for the attendants to encourage a renewal of the recognition of long-term support.

The exhibition “Invisible Needs of Life – Towards a New Reconstruction of Cultural Interventions” by SHSH Architecture + scenography is open to visitors until March 25.


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