Ikebana demonstration at Ghent Floralies

On 22 April, in honor of the 150th Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium, the Embassy of Japan in Belgium invited Headmistress of the Sogetsu school, Ms. Akane Teshigahara, to hold an ikebana demonstration as one of the Embassy’s largest cultural events, at Ghent Floralies. The magnificent and dynamic performance took place at the Japan-themed Bijloke site. The bamboo breaking performance in beginning in particular took away the spectators’ breath. The audience also admired the enormous arrangement in its finished state, which took up the entire stage, and was equally fascinated by the light show that followed afterwards.

The Sogetsu Headmistress’ creations can be admired at Ghent Floralies until 1 May.


160422_demonstration1 160422_demonstration2
160422_demonstration3 160422_demonstration4