The Foreign Minister’s Certificate of Commendation Awarding Ceremony 2016 to the Nihonjinkai

On 5 September, at the Japanese Embassy of Belgium, Ambassador Ishii Masafumi awarded the Foreign Minister’s Certificate of Commendation to the Nihonjinkai in Belgium, represented by President Minaka Masatsugu, Vice President Oji Hitomi and Vice President Yuji Kawase, for their years of contribution towards the strengthening of the Belgium-Japan relations.

The Nihonjinkai in Belgium has been providing information for almost 40 years now on various political and economic trends, as well as conducting events related to the cultural exchange between Japan and Belgium. Furthermore the Nihonjinkai has also contributed to the facilitation of the development, the mutual understanding and promotion of friendship of both countries. Also, even before the acknowledgment of their corporation in 1979, they worked together in 1974 to implement the Japanese Saturday School, and to found in 1979 the Japanese school. There they contributed to the help and cooperation towards the education of Japanese children, while at the same time spreading and introducing the Japanese language and culture.