Folklorissimo 2016

On 17 and 18 September, Folklorissimo (an event about ‘folklore’ and old traditions held every year at the Grand Place) invited Japan as their guest country for the 150 Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium.
In the morning of the 17th, at the city hall, the ceremony for the presentation of the new Manneken Pis costume was held. At noon, Manneken Pis took part in the 150 Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium Festivities, by wearing a ‘hitatare’ from Antwerp based designer Izumi Hongo together with Ambassador Ishii who was also wearing a ‘hitatare’.
Visitors were very intrigued by the technique and subtlety of ‘Amezaiku’ (candy sculturing), performed by Amezaiku-master Takahiro Mizuki who was invited from Japan. Also, the great stage-performances from the ‘Yosakoi’-group’s dance from Paris, the Taiko, the martial arts demonstration, the tea-ceremony and the ‘bon-odori’ were very popular. Furthermore, visitors could, at the Japanese booths, enjoy a feeling of the Japanese Festival atmosphere, by trying out ‘Goldfish scooping’, Japanese beers and tea, sake, takoyaki and more.


160920_Folklorissimo2 160920_Folklorissimo1
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