Mask Museum Noh Performance

On March 7, a Noh theatre performance was held at the International Carnival and Mask Museum in Binche, in attendance of Ms. Kurihara. The performance was a part of the current exhibition at the Museum, and it is also the last stage performance of the 150 Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium. President of the Museum Mr. Jean-Pierre Jaumot, Mayor of Binche Mr. Laurent Devin, Ms. Kurihara and Director of the Museum Mrs. Clemence Mathieu held welcome addresses.

Mr. Michishige Udaka, Noh performer and the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property and his team were invited. After the introduction of music instruments (Ohayashi) and masks (instruments of Noh Theatre) were introduced, dance and Noh performances followed. The explanations included in the program made it easy for everyone to understand the impressive performances. This resulted in a tremendous applause from the highly appreciative audience in the fully packed venue.

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(C) Michèle DC