Hanyu - Durbuy Sister Cities Event

On June 1, the Hanyu-Durbuy sister cities event “Durbuy & Hanyu - More than Just Sister Cities...” was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC), as a part of “Japan Month”, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the JICC.

On the occasion of the Mayor of Hanyu’s visit to Belgium, an event to convey the charm of both cities was held. Hanyu Mayor Koumei Kawata and Durbuy Deputy Mayor Francis Dumoulin held welcome addresses, followed by the presentations by the both cities and the introduction of local products. Attendees could take in their hands the indigo dye products or enjoy sake and mascot character cookies from Hanyu, as well as taste beer and chocolates from Durbuy. Ambassador Hayashi also gave a speech, where he mentioned the importance of the sister cities, as well as their lively exchanges and activities.

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