Lecture and Demonstration on Japanese Seasoning and Condiments

On October 12, the Embassy of Japan in Belgium and the Brussels office of JETRO co-organized a seminar with the theme of Japanese condiments at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC). In his welcome address, Ambassador Hayashi referred to the popularity of Japanese food in Belgium and the importance of condiments in Japanese cuisine.
The participants first listened to a lecture on Japanese condiments such as umeboshi (pickled prune), sansho (Japanese pepper) and ponzu (citrus sauce), before Brussels-based chef Seino gave a lecture and demonstration on marinating salmon with kelp and the use of nukadoko (pickling bed). The participants then had the opportunity to taste a menu of Belgian cuisine prepared with Japanese condiments. Participants could interact directly with the producers of the condiments, making it an event where one could feel a new broadening of the world of food.

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