Tempei Nakamura Piano Concert

On November 23, a piano concert by Mr. Tempei Nakamura was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC) for the third year in a row, and many members of the audience were enthusiastically awaiting the concert even before the doors opened.
Mr. Tempei’s performance centered on his own original works, such as "Lost Hometown", in remembrance of the afflicted areas of the Great Hanshin Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the suite “Waltz of Monet/Ripples on the Water", taking Monet's paintings as a motif. Playing at times powerful, at times delicate or nostalgic, his performance enveloped the crowded room with enthusiasm. During the encore, Mr. Tempei moved the audience by playing the song “Universe”, using improvisation, and received a big round of applause.

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