Official Visit to Ghent by Ambassador Hayashi

On November 28, Ambassador Hayashi, together with Ms. Kono and Mr. Ikoma, paid an official visit to the city of Ghent. The delegation was received by Governor of East Flanders Mr. Briers, Mayor of Ghent Mr. Termont and representatives of Ghent University at the City Hall, where presentations on topics such as the city of Ghent, the province of East Flanders and Ghent University were given by Governor Briers, Mayor Termont and others. Following this, the delegation moved to the Port of Ghent, where representatives from the Port of Ghent and VOKA (Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce) joined for a luncheon. Ambassador Hayashi stated he was deeply impressed by the dynamism in the field of economy, culture and academic research of the Province of East-Flanders, and in particular the City of Ghent. He furthermore said he expects the Sister City relation between the cities of Kanazawa and Ghent to strengthen even more.

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