Ghent Light Festival

On February 1, by invitation of the Mayor of Ghent Mr. Termont, Ambassador Hayashi visited the Ghent Light Festival, which is held every 3 years. After having received a briefing by the organizers, the Ambassador, together with the Mayors of some of Ghent’s sister cities such as Tallinn in Estonia and Ljubljana in Slovenia, was given a tour by Mayor Termont and enjoyed the light art exhibited on 35 spots throughout the city over a distance of 6.6 kilometres.

In the city of Ghent, during the midwinter season when the nights are long, artists from Ghent, Belgium and abroad are invited to showcase their light art on different locations throughout the city, using projection mapping or various lighting techniques. The fourth Ghent Light Festival was held from January 31 to February 4 and was crowded with around 835.000 visitors, among whom many from abroad.

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