Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Centre Launch

On March 21, Ambassador Hajime Hayashi attended the inauguration ceremony of the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Centre in Brussels. He emphasised the importance of the information and communication technology, along with the machineries, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in terms of economic relations between Japan and Belgium, and praised Fujitsu’s initiative of undertaking the research and development of this pioneering technology in Belgium, enabling to open a window to the future in such a domain.
Also present at the inauguration ceremony were Mr. Kris Peeters, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Employment and Economy and Ms. Cécile Jodogne, State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Foreign Trade. Mr. Kris Peeters explained his expectation for the various possibilities that the blockchain technology could offer, and mentioned projects which some Belgian regional and local authorities are undertaking to apply the blockchain technology to the citizens’ life.

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(pictures by FUJITSU)