Matsuri Gent – Japan Festival

On April 28, “Matsuri Gent – Japan Festival” was held in Ghent, in attendance of Ambassador Hayashi and his spouse. At the opening of the festival, welcome speeches were given by Ambassador Hayashi and the Head of Ghent University’s Japanology Department, Prof. Niehaus. Matsuri Ghent is an initiative taken by both Japanese exchange students and Belgian students studying at Ghent University. With the help of Japanese people living in Belgium and Belgian people who love Japanese culture, the look and feel of a Japanese matsuri was recreated, featuring a taiko drum performance, budo (martial arts) demonstrations, origami and calligraphy experience corners, booths selling kimono’s and Japanese goods, as well as the in Japan familiar takoyaki (octopus dumplings), sushi, Japanese curry and onigiri stalls, allowing the participants to enjoy a Japanese matsuri in the center of Ghent for a day.

Photo by Delphi Knudde, MATSURI GENT -Japan Festival-Photo by Peter Van de Voorde, MATSURI GENT -Japan Festival-