Screening of Silent Film “Orochi” by Benshi Narrator Ichiro Kataoka

On May 25, the screening of the Taisho-era silent film “Orochi”, with live narration by benshi (traditional Japanese silent film narrator) Mr. Ichiro Kataoka, was held at Cinema Palace in Brussels, in attendance of Ambassador Hayashi and his spouse, together with Ms. Kono. Mr. Kataoka is one of the precious benshis in our time, based in Japan and broadening his activities all over the world, and was accompanied for his live performance by three Japanese artists, with whom he breathed new life into the Taisho-era masterpiece. Ambassador Hayashi said in his welcome speech he wished to share this time slip experience to the Japan of the 1920’s, whereas Assistant Professor Schmidt of the KU Leuven and others explained about the historical background of Japan at that time, and the position of benshi in Japanese culture, before the audience enjoyed this precious experience.

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