Vilvoorde World Cup Street Event

On June 4, World Cup Street, an event in which pupils from primary schools presented the 32 countries of the World Cup, was held in a street in Vilvoorde in attendance of Ms. Kono. Vilvoorde has been a sister city of Komatsu since 1974, and representatives from Komatsu Europe International, the company which gave rise to the sister city relation, came to support the event. The children of “Team Japan” wore t-shirts on which they had drawn Japanese flag (the Rising Sun) and cherry blossoms, and waved Japanese flags, taking an impressive fifth place. The participating children received goods of “Pokemon” and “Hello Kitty”, the special envoys for EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN, as a souvenir from Ms. Kono, and left the venue with a smile.

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