Ikebana Lecture and Demonstration

On June 11, “Ikebana Lecture and Demonstration” was held by Senior Teacher of the Sogetsu school Ms. Atsuko Bersma at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC), in attendance of Ambassador Hayashi and his spouse, together with Ms. Kono and Ms. Ikoma. The event is part of the Japan Cultural Month, a celebration of the third anniversary of the JICC.
Ms. Bersma demonstrated the creation of seven works, while explaining about the history of ikebana and the characteristics of the Sogetsu school, as well as the types of flowers used and their compositions. The audience listened attentively to the explanation, and was fascinated by the colorful works made with seasonal flowers.

180611_ikebana1 180611_ikebana3 180611_ikebana2