NEO-音欧 (Taiko – Shakuhachi - Koto, Shamisen) Concert


On June 29, a concert of traditional Japanese music was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC), with taiko by TAKUYA, shakuhachi by Mr. Akihito Obama and koto and shamisen by Ms. Aki Sato. Following the welcome address and introduction of the artists by Ms. Kono, a total of 8 songs were performed, including solo performances of taiko and shakuhachi, ensemble performances with koto and shamisen of traditional songs such as “Yachiyo jishi” (Longevity of Eight Thousand Years) and “Ichikotsu”, as well as original compositions.

The audience enjoyed the majestic resounding of the taiko and the lyrical timbres of the shakuhachi, koto and shamisen, and gave a warm round of applause.

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