Blankenberge Youth Exchange

On February 18, 1995, the “Flower March Minamiboso” held in Minamiboso, in Chiba prefecture, and the “International Two-Day March of Flanders”, held in Blankenberge, became Sister Programmes. Every year since this partnership, participants from both sides have taken part in each other's programmes and organized interactive youth exchanges. This year as well, from August 9-18, an exchange was organized, in which eight junior high school students from Minamiboso took part in a homestay in Blankenberge while visiting major Belgian cities. A reception was held at the City Hall of Blankenberge on August 13, in attendance of Minister Maekawa, who stated in his welcome address for the occasion that it is truly magnificent for both the cities, as well as for the Japan-Belgium relations, that the youth exchanges have continued so actively for over 20 years.

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