Foreign Minister Commendation for Mayor of Ghent Termont

On October 3, a ceremony to award the Foreign Minister Commendation to Mayor of Ghent Mr. Daniel Termont was held at the Ghent city hall, in attendance of Ambassador Hayashi and his spouse, Counsellor Mr. Hoshino and Ms. Kono.
Ambassador Hayashi praised the achievements under the leadership of Mayor Termont. Regarding the sister cities relationship between Kanazawa and Ghent, several new cooperation memoranda were concluded. In 2016, during the 150 years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium and the 45th anniversary of the sister cities relationship, many cultural and people to people exchange events were held in Ghent, resulting in great achievements for the development and deepening of the Japan-Belgium and Kanazawa-Ghent sister city relations.
Mayor Termont said he discovered Japanese culture during his time as Deputy Mayor while cooperating with the activities of Japanese companies in Ghent. From the moment he took office as Mayor, he had a goal for further internationalization of Ghent, and made efforts for the development of the Kanazawa-Ghent sister cities relationship. Also, he mentioned that during the celebratory year of 2016, many Japan-related events were organized in Ghent, making it a special year which left him with deep memories, and he will continue to work on the development of the relations between Japan and Belgium, and between Ghent and Kanazawa.

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