Belgian Judo Championship 2018

On November 3, the Belgian Judo Championship 2018 was held in the Sporthal Arena of Deurne in the province of Antwerp. Every year, all of the Belgian judo practitioners meet at this championship to decide the winners in each of the 7 categories for men and women, and it becomes the place for the culmination of the judoka’s daily training efforts.
From the Embassy, Ms. Ikoma attended the event, and awarded together with the President of the Royal Belgian Judo Federation Ms. Baeten and others, the medals to the winners in each category, while praising their strong fighting.
Next year, in the build-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, the acquisition of points to earn the entry right will begin. This championship can indeed be said to be a prelude tournament to win the entry right, and the audience cheered enthusiastically for the exciting matches.

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