[Ambassador] Reception for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Day 2023


On October 3rd, the Embassy of Japan held the 2023 Reception for the Japan Self-Defense Forces Day at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence for the 69th anniversary of the foundation of the Japan Self-Defence Forces (JSDF). Admiral Hofman, Chief of Defence of the Belgian Armed Forces, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defence and the Belgium Armed Forces, members of the International Staff and the International Military Staff of the NATO, representatives and military representatives to the NATO, and ambassadors and military attachés from the diplomatic corps in Belgium attended the reception.
On the occasion of the reception, Ambassador Mikami Masahiro made remarks, demonstrating efforts made since the establishment of the JSDF and fundamental defense capability enhancement following a revision of the National Defense Strategy, and stated that Japan would continue its support to Ukraine in cooperation with other countries. The reception also provided an opportunity to introduce Japan's defense technologies by setting up a booth to showcase Japanese defense equipment.