Marilo Fund Event “Inspiring Belgium-Japan Relations”

On November 24, the event “Inspiring Belgium-Japan Relations” was organized by the Marilo Fund (*) in Brussels, in attendance of Ambassador Ishii and Ms. Kurihara. Welcoming speeches were held by Marilo Fund Chairman Mr. Thomas Leysen and Managing Director Mrs. An Blondé, daughter of co-founder the late Mr. Frans Blondé. Following this, Professor Emeritus of the KU Leuven Mr. Willy Vande Walle held a lecture on the 150 Years of Friendship between Japan and Belgium and introduced his new history book on this subject, which is expected to be published soon. This event was a collaboration with the BJA, attended by President of the BJA Mr. Gilbert Declerck and many other BJA members.

(*)The Marilo Fund is a partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation. From its founding until present, 10 journalists have been sent to Japan by the support of this fund.


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