Ballet Performance from Tokyo Ballet and Béjart Ballet

January 6, Ms. Kurihara attended Beethoven’s “The Ninth Symphony” by the Tokyo Ballet and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne at Forest National in Brussels. Initially, the event was to be held in May 2016, however, it was postponed because of the terrorist attacks of March 2016. Through the work of Béjart, the Béjart Ballet and the Tokyo Ballet are recognized as brother companies, and they performed Béjart’s choreography of “The Ninth symphony” in unison and intensely. The venue which can accommodate about 6000 people was full, and the audience gave a standing ovation. Not only within the Tokyo Ballet, but also within the Béjart Ballet a few Japanese dancers are members, and all of them executed a magnificent performance.


170106_TokyoBallet 170106_TokyoBallet1