Sake Seminar

On June 13, a sake seminar was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC), as part of the “Japan Month”, a series of Japanese cultural events organized for the second anniversary of the JICC. After the speech of Ambassador Hayashi, Mr. Leo Imai, sake sommelier and beer brewer, explained about how sake is made, the differences with beer and the types of sake. Following the seminar, the attendants tasted and enjoyed four kinds of sake offered by a sake brewer from Hanyu, the sister city of Durbuy, and others, experienced the differences, and asked many questions such as the difference in taste between junmaishu (pure rice sake without added alcohol or sugar) and ginjoshu (type of sake used higher polished rice and additional brewing alcohol).

170613_sake1  170613_sake2  170613_sake3  170613_sake4