Rakugo Performance

On March 22, a rakugo performance (traditional Japanese comical story telling) was held by French rakugo performer Mr. Cyril Coppini at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC). Mr. Coppini is originally from Nice in the South of France and started studying Japanese while in high school. After meeting rakugo performer Mr. Someta Hayashiya from Osaka during a visit to Japan, he seriously started training in rakugo performance. Currently, he performs rakugo both in Japan and abroad, and both in Japanese and French.
At the beginning of the performance, Mr. Coppini explained for the people who have never experienced a rakugo performance what rakugo is, by using the fan (sensu) and small cloth (tenugui). Then, he showcased four stories in French: “Sarayashiki”, “Simultaneous Interpretation Jugemu”, “Chozumawashi” and “Tanusai”. The audience was invited to the world of rakugo, the pastime of the common people of Edo, and the room was many times filled with laughter.

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