Kenji Mizoguchi Retrospective Film Festival Opening

On September 14, the opening screening of the Kenji Mizoguchi Retrospective Film Festival was held at Cinematek in Brussels, in attendance of Ambassador Hayashi and his spouse, Ms. Kono, and Ms. Ikoma. This film festival is a follow-up to last year’s well-received Mikio Naruse feature, and is co-organized by Cinematek, the Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan. In 20 screenings, it shows 19 of the many movies made by Director Mizoguchi between 1923 and 1956, which also had a tremendous influence overseas on those involved in cinema.
At the opening screening, Ambassador Hayashi said in his speech that the works of director Mizoguchi focus on the weaker in society, in particular women, and use the technique of realism to include at times harsh expressions, although humanism can be felt in their undercurrent. Following the Ambassador’s speech, Ugetsu, a representative work of director Mizoguchi from 1953 which received international acclaim, was screened, drawing the audience in the packed venue into the fantastic world of director Mizoguchi. The Kenji Mizoguchi Retrospective Film Festival is held until October 30 at Cinematek.

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