Yakishime – Earth Metamorphosis Exhibition Opening

From September 18 until October 19, the exhibition “Yakishime – Earth Metamorphosis” is held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC). Yakishime is a method of firing unglazed wares at high temperatures, and its tradition has been passed on in Japan from ancient times to the modern era.
On the occasion of the opening of this exhibition, an opening reception was held on September 18. Ambassador Hayashi and his spouse, as well as Mayor of Ghent Mr. Termont and others, attended the reception and carefully viewed the works one by one. In this exhibition, traditional and contemporary Japanese culture is introduced through the history of the distinctive development of yakishime in Japan, from its establishment until the present day, and via the exhibition of utensils used in the tea ceremony, table wares and finally non-utilitarian objects (objets).

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