Opening Exhibition “Calligraphy Mission” by Sanmu Kunisada

On November 7, the opening of the exhibition “Calligraphy Mission” by Japanese calligrapher Sanmu Kunisada was held at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre (JICC). In the works of Mr. Kunisada, the world of wabi-sabi, one of the aesthetic sensibilites of Japan, is richly expressed through the use of calligraphic techniques such as the intensity of the sumi (Japanese ink) and the way it bleeds and blurs.

In a collaboration including a musical performance by Ms. Aki Sato with koto and shamisen to celebrate the opening, the drawing of two works, themed “Fukkatsu” (Recovery) and “Hana” (Flower), were demonstrated and gave rise to a large round of applause from the audience. A workshop during which participants could write their favourite words in kanji using sumi and fude (brush) was also held. There, the participants enjoyed their first experience of Japanese calligraphy.

The exhibition is held at the JICC until November 21.

181108_kunisada1 181108_kunisada2 181108_kunisada3