[AMBASSADOR] Ambassador Shimokawa's visit to the Musica Mundi music school

Ambassador Shimokawa visited the Musica Mundi music school in Waterloo, Belgium, on the 24th of June. The school was founded by Mrs. Hagit Kerbel and Mr. Leonid Kerbel in 2018, who have long been organising the Musica Mundi International Chamber Music Course and Festival every summer since 1998 with a view to giving young promising musicians more opportunities to develop their skills in the most ideal environment.
The school adopts the Cambridge International Examinations programme in their general studies curriculum, for which the school was given official accreditation. It makes possible for all the students to receive a high quality general education while pursuing its professional study.
Being situated in a green and quiet suburb of the Waterloo region, the Musica Mundi school opened its doors with the support of the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels and numbers of donors by refurbishing the former Dominican Monastery of Fichermont. The school welcomes applications from young talents all over the world, including Japan.
For the details of the school, please visit https://musicamundischool.org/.