[Embassy] Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Team Belgium: Celebrating event

On the 3rd of September, Mr. Takabayashi, Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Belgium, attended an event, organized by the Belgian Paralympic Committee, les fédérations handisports, la Ligue Handisport Francophone and Parantee-psylos, to welcome back some of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics athletes, as well as to watch the live game of the 100m sprint final, where Mr. Peter Genyn and Mr. Roger Habsch participated (they brought double medals, GOLD and BRONZE respectively) .
Government officials were also present, such as Ms. Karine Lalieux, Minister of Pension, Social Integration, disabilities and the fight against poverty and Beliris, Mr.Sammy Mahdi, Minister of Asylum and Migration and the National Lottery, and Ms. Valérie Glatigny,  Minister for Higher Education, Social Advancement Education, University Hospitals, Youth Welfare, Community Justice Centres, Youth, Sport and the Promotion of Brussels, Government of the French Community, to congratulate on the team’s achievement.