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No. Date Title Writer
14 21/08/2015 Living in a Japan: the country that lives in the “and” Ms. Claire Ghyselen
(Representative for Japan, Wallonia Export-Investment Agency)
13 12/08/2015 Japan and Me Mr. Dirk De Ruyver
(Representative for Japan, Embassy of Belgium)
12 12/02/2015 A View on Japan Ms. Annie Arimori Brasseur
11 09/01/2015 Japan and Me Mr. Gilbert Declerck
(President BJA)
10 04/08/2014 Japan and Me Prof. Dr. W.F. Vande Walle
(KU Leuven)
9 18/03/2014 Japan and Me Mr. Dany Leclerre
(7th Dan of Aikikai of Tokyo. Shihan)
8 13/03/2014 Japan and Me Mr. Haeke Wesley
(6th dan Kendo, Teacher Ko Jika Kendo Club, captain of the Belgian national team)
7 28/01/2014 Japan and Me Mr. Alain Ducarme
(Renshi 7°dan, EKF President, IKF Vice-president)
6 27/01/2014 Japan and Me: a long-lasting story of friendship Mr. Baudouin Contzen
(Managing Partner, Action Consulting)
5 29/07/2013 Japan and Me Ms. Mio Maes
(AWEX / Wallonia Foreign Trade & Investment Agency)
4 01/07/2013 Japan and Me Mr. Jean-Pierre Vlasselaer
(Renshi 6ème Dan Zen Nihon Kyudo Renmei)
3 05/05/2013 Japon Ms. Colette Braeckman
(Journalist "Le Soir")
2 01/03/2013 From Kanazawa to Tokyo: life after JET Ms. Sophie Bocklandt
(General Manager BLCCJ)
1 04/02/2013 Japan and Me Prof. Jean Englebert
(University of Liege)